Brocade Shimmer Crew Sock

$18.00 USD

Channel your inner Gryffindor in our statement Brocade Shimmer Crew Sock. An elaborate burgundy brocade print paired with gold shimmer looks expensive and elevates your special occasion wardrobe.


One Size. Recommended fit US W5.5-10 (can stretch to fit up to size 11). 168 Needle Count.


✨ Funky yet elegant - no silly or childish patterns 

🧦 Premium quality - durably made with comfortable stretch

👗 Unique - the perfect accessory to add individuality to your outfits




Wear with heels for a fancy look or pair with ankle boots for a pop of sparkle

Unconventional is Beautiful

Our one-of-a-kind fashion socks break the mold in quirky prints and bold colors, designed for people with the courage to play by their own rules.
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