About Us


Sock Candy is a fashion-sock line that celebrates unconventional personal style. Created by former fashion influencer Mary Gui, Sock Candy is inspired by whimsical prints, bold colors, and quirky combinations. Designed to be paired with sandals and heels, our funky yet elegant socks are meant to be the eye candy and feature one-of-a-kind prints with high quality mercerized and combed cotton.

Break the Rules

We believe there are no rules when it comes to personal style. We love experimenting with playful combinations, and aren’t afraid to wear an outfit that makes us stand out.

Celebrate Your Unconventional Spirit

We believe that unconventionality is beautiful - both from a fashion and personal angle. Beyond the clothes themselves, we believe in the engine inside us that drives us to be unconventional and different - and that inner spirit is core to our brand.

Thoughtful Details

We partner with world-class print designers from fashion houses to create unique prints that are strikingly unexpected with an undertone of elegance. Our factories produce high quality 200 needle count socks with mercerized cotton for superior comfort without sacrificing style.

Custom Packaging

We wanted to bring joy from the moment you receive your Sock Candy socks. Every order comes in a custom mailer box with our signature colors, pink tissue paper, and a Thank You Card. Treat yourself or someone you love - receiving a Sock Candy order is like opening a present!

For Your Inner Maximalist: Indulge in the world of Sock Candy