Strawberry Daisy Ruffle Sheer Crew Sock

$18.00 USD

Heart-shaped pink and red strawberries interspersed with playful daisies make these strawberry socks the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day, Spring, and Summer outfits. Set against white sheer fabric for maximum color pop with a ruffle cuff for ultra sweetness.


One Size. Recommended fit US W5.5-10. 200 Needle Count.


✨ Funky yet elegant - no silly or childish patterns 

🧦 Premium quality - durably made with comfortable stretch

👗 Unique - the perfect accessory to add individuality to your outfits




Pair with red heels and a heart bag for a super sweet look.

Unconventional is Beautiful

Our one-of-a-kind fashion socks break the mold in quirky prints and bold colors, designed for people with the courage to play by their own rules.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rebecca S
Favorite socks!

My favorite socks ever by Sock Candy so glad I snagged them before they sold out.

Cristina Hall
Gorgeous Socks

I'd been looking at these cute strawberry socks for awhile and I finally made the jump to get a couple pairs for my mom and I. They are so pretty in person and you can tell the fabric is of great quality. Unfortunately for me, they were too big for my size 6.5 feet, so my mom got lucky and got all the pairs. She loves them and they fit her well, she's between 7.5 to a size 8.

Amber A
so cute, but on the small side

I have wide size 10 duck feet, with high insteps and sturdy ankles, these socks juuuuust barely went on, they are not kidding with the size range. but they did go on, and surprisingly didn’t cut into my legs at the top band. so if your feet are bigger than a US10, or you have a lot of swelling, these socks may not work for you. Once they were on they were very comfortable though, and the sheer bits stood up to being handled and worn, plus the strawberry design is SUPER CUTE. I will definitely come back for more!

Pretty Little Thing!

Love these gorgeous and luxurious socks.
Perfect gifts and make sure to get yourself some!

Big foot girls like pretty socks!

Love these socks! Had to give away because they were too small. Please make them for us girls who are sized 11 or 12.

Thank you for the feedback! We hope to make more sizes in the future - as we are a new brand that is less than 2 years old, there are high production minimums per size, so we are currently only able to make one size. We hope as we get more demand, we will be able to make two sizes!